Proto Intermediate Soldering Workshop

By Proto BuildBar (other events)

23 Dates Through Jun 20, 2018

Do you enjoy taking things apart to see how they work?  Or maybe electronics scare you?!  Our intermediate soldering workshop is a great way to gain a basic understanding of how circuit boards work, what the various components do, and how they are soldered onto a circuit board. You will get to solder a Electronic Piano kit to take home as a souvenir!

Each course is a 1.5 hour educational session tying the interests of both adults and kids with STEM-related skills.  Aimed at the all skill levels and age groups, you will learn basic concepts in electronic circuits:  how electricity travels through a circuit board, basic electronics components (resistors, capacitors, and LEDs), and using a soldering iron .  It's sure to be an exciting time for you!


*This course requires the use of a 752 degree soldering iron.  A liability release form must be signed before you can participate in the workshop. Parents: it is duty to determine if your child demonstrates the care and maturity that's required when using a soldering iron.  We require parental supervision at the benches for all kids under the age of 12.