Math and Minecraft

By Proto BuildBar (other events)

38 Dates Through Jun 13, 2018

Supplement your child's school experiences with our exciting learning series.  Each course is a 1.5 hour educational session tying the interests of kids with STEM-related skills.  Specifically aimed the middle-school age group, your child will learn basic concepts in 3d modeling:  scaling and sizing a 3d object, manipulating that object in three dimensions, and the process of 3d printing that object.  It's sure to be an exciting time for your child and we hope it lights a fire within them to explore more.

Math and Minecraft is a course based around the mathematical concepts of ratios and proportions.  Using simple fractions, your child will learn how to take small and large objects from the Minecraft universe and scale them to a size more managable for printing on a MakerBot 3d printer.  Afterwards, they will get to print their favorite object to take home as a souvenir!